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Our Photo Album of the Pilgrimage to Rome

The front face of Orvieto basilica and Babs and pilgrim members inside.

The Assisi Plaza.

Assisi from our room and restaurant dinner at Il Poggio degli Olivi.

Assisi castle on the hill from St Clare plaza & inside the Basilica of St. Clare.

Himself at Castle Sant Angelo & smushed to see the Pope at General Audience (he's there if you look carefully).

Babs at St Paul outside the Wall & "the forum".

Listening to Liz in the (forum) shade & dinner at Tre Scallini on Piazza Navona.

Himself at the Pantheon & Babs and Pilgrims in the Coliseum.

Our last night dinner at Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli in Castle Gandolfo & the pope in the window (see him?).